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In 2005, after completing studies at the Art Academy in Vilnius, I opened a metal and design studio named “Velnio kalviai”. Knowledge in the field of metal art and interior design studies allows me to create different kind of exterior and interior elements.

I’m interested in not only the traditional blacksmithing but also in contemporary metal flexibility. I feel a special connection when I heat up the metal till it gets white and it reveals its spirit, energy and power. It is important to allow it to obey your mind, thoughts and hands. This is the only way professional handcrafted pieces are born. I get an amazing feeling when I’m able to create something that becomes a small part of history.

Smell of coal, fire, metal, energy, spirit, thought and mood-all of this is just a small part of what you can see and feel in blacksmith’s work.

Blacksmith Andrius Ziedas